International certification

Certification service of Europe

CE (Conformity European)

  • Any manufacturer who wants to distribute or sells products within Europe shall declare that its products comply with EU standards/directives or attach CE mark on products after undergoing compatibility test(s) of Notified Body.
  • CE mark does not mean quality assurance but that the product meets EU directives on safety, health, environment, and consumer protection. Products with CE mark on them can be distributed within EU region without restrictions.
Subject equipment
  • Low voltage equipment (designed to use
    AC 50-1000 V or DC 75-1500V rated voltage)

  • EMC equipment, toys

  • Residential gas equipment, measuring instruments, medical devices

  • Wired/wireless communications equipment

  • Construction materials, press equipment,
    and freezers

Certification mark and identifications
  • Certification label

  • Rated Voltage





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