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VCCI (Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment)

  • As a voluntary control standard for unwanted electromagnetic waves generated from information processing devices, this standard is not compulsory but induced to follow this standard when shipping ITE equipment within Japan.
  • To receive VCCI certification, membership is required. Certification is performed by an authorized testing lab and, based on the test results, conformal verification report is sent to VCCI and then certificate of acceptance is issued. For products of which certification is completed, VCCI mark shall be attached to the product label.
Subject equipment
  • ITE(Information Technology Equipment) : Equipment used rated power voltage of less than 600V and with one or more connection terminals for input, memory, display, search, transmission, processing, exchange, or control of data and electrical communications information
  • Class B : Residential (equipment used in the residence, within a radius of 10m), portable devices, personal computers, faxes, telecommunications terminals

  • Class A : Industrial (equipment exceeding acceptable interference/disturbance of Class B IT equipment but meeting that of Class A

Certification mark and identifications
  • Certification mark

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JATE (The Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Terminal Equipment) &
TELEC (Telecommunications Engineering Center)
Japanese Wired/Wireless Communications Certification

  • Certifying compliance/conformity of telecommunications terminal equipment with technical conditions
  • When connected to network, these terminals must be in accordance with technical conditions under Telecommunication Business Act
  • Finding the possibility of the terminal generating interference to network or adverse impacts on other network users ensures that all users use smooth network without problems.
Subject equipment
  • Terminals of wire/wireless equipment

Certification mark and identifications
  • Certification mark

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