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Certification of EMC and communications equipment in Australia

  • Australian Communications Authority, a communications regulator, runs new certification scheme which charges more responsibility than ever before on communications equipment providers.
  • Basic approval procedures differ by levels (Levels 1, 2, and 3) according to application standards, and applicable label shall be attached on the product.
  • All products shall meet EMC requirements of Australia Standards AS 3548. EMC standards are based on CISPER 22.
  • To acquire regulatory compliance mark or RCM, an application form in AS/NZS 4417 part 3 shall be submitted.
Subject equipment
  • Digital network interface equipment

  • Cellular/wireless equipment

  • Analog network interface equipment

  • Home appliances, electronic tools, lighting equipment, TV receivers, audio devices, information devices, ISM devices, UPS, etc.

Certification mark and identifications
  • C-Tick Mark

  • A-Tick Mark

QSA(Quality System Assessment)
Australian certification of electrical appliances

  • Compulsory system in which the applicant shall attach the test report of its electrical/electronic products issued by a testing lab designated by QAS and acquire certification of QAS
  • There are seven certification schemes:

    Electrical Safety Type Examination Certification, Electrical Safety Standards Mark Certification, IEC CB Test Certification,
    Explosion Protected Electrical Equipment(EPEE Scheme), Electromedical Type Test Certification, Repaired Electrical Equipment,
    European CE Mark Coordination Service

  • The applicant has its products tested by QAS-designated testing lab and submits the test report to QAS for certification.
  • The certified product shall have its certification number or QAS mark on it.
Subject equipment
  • All electrical and electronic products

  • CB certificate and report (including national deviation)
  • Application form, power of attorney
  • Letter of Undertaking signed by the client
  • Product label, user manual (English version)
Certification mark and identifications
  • Certification label

  • Rated Voltage





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