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CCC (China Compulsory Certification)

  • The Chinese government implements a safety license scheme for safety, health, and quality of imported products and local products by declaring imports and exports test methods of the People’s Republic of China in 1989 for protecting the country’s trade and in accordance with international practices.
  • The safety license scheme for imports and exports is implemented by CQC, an SAIQ-affiliated organization, and tests and inspections are conducted by Review Office (CCC) throughout nine areas
  • In the case of EMC, three or four product groups are designated every year without the need to acquire separate standards, and then the government conducts EMI test at the CISPER 14 level.
Subject equipment
  • Electrical devices, audio products, lighting equipment

  • Information technology equipment, IC terminal equipment

  • Automobiles and safety parts, automobile tires, agricultural machinery

  • Medical devices, fire-fighting equipment

Certification mark and identifications
  • Certification label

  • Rated voltage

Type Approval for Chinese Wired/Wireless Products

  • The Ministry of Information Industry of China (MII) has implemented certification for communications products since January 1, 1999. For compulsory implementation of certification for wireless communications products, the MII empowers the BTA to conduct application and tests. The main target is wireless equipment, which needs to be certified by the SRRC.
  • 27 wireless products (FM transceiver, FM/AM/TV Broadcasting System, cordless phones) that need to be certified by SRRC shall be tested by SRRC testing labs in China
  • Standards (the first product line for NAL approval) were issued on January 25, 2001 and 14 testing labs in China (product group) to be tested is different among testing lab conduct tests for applicable products in accordance with ITU-T standards.
Subject equipment
  • 27wireless equipment products

  • Telephone, Mobile Phone, PBX, FAX, Modem,
    Multimedia Equipment, Mobile Telecoms
    Equipment, Power System, Battery, etc

  • Three groups of communications products (telegraphic terminal equipment, wireless telegraphic equipment, equipment related to interconnections between networks) 28 pieces of equipment (wired/wireless terminals, network equipment)

Approval period and cautions
  • Time required for approval process: 5~12 weeks
  • The applicant must be a Chinese corporation (or office)If the applicant has ISO certificate, it may be exempt from factory inspection.
  • Since most devices subject to SRRC also need to receive CCC certification, it is effective to apply for both at a time.
  • Not all communications products need to acquire NAL but wireless products must acquire SRRC.
  • Term of certificate validity: SRRC (5 years),
    NAL (3 years)
Certification mark and label

There is not certification mark for this certification, so SRRC ID (CMIIT ID) and NAL number is given. If needed, label can be purchased (there is ID for each label).





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